Yummy Burger Blanket

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Yummy Burger Blanket

Yummy Burger Blanket is made of anti-pilling fleece fabric that is super soft and excellent in feel texture. It has a velvety fuzzy feeling, soft touch, more comfortable and warm to use. Bright, beautiful, tasty, and mouth watering burger prints.

Very Comfortable Sleep Using this Blanket. 

Ultra Soft and Multipurpose: This multipurpose blanket is available in multiple sizes and ultra-soft fabric, creating a much more effective, soft, comfortable barrier between you and the sand than a towel.

Soft and Easy to Use and Clean.

Huge and Attractive Picnic Blanket: This fun burger beach blanket makes every location a sweet one!, it’s truly gigantic and a fun way to catch some rays all summer long.


Durable and Machine Washable Fabric.

Can be Use Outside: This blanket isn’t just for sleeping cover, it can be used at the pool, lake and even for concerts or bath time! The storage pouch makes a great tote and means it’s easy to carry wherever you are.

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