Multipurpose Vintage Rack

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Multipurpose Vintage Rack

Multipurpose Vintage Rack is a very sturdy, waterproof, wear-resistant, splendid, classical and very unique water pipe style bathroom rack. It fits perfectly with almost any bathroom design and give your place a sense of luxury.

Very pretty rustic iron water pipe design.

Perfect Blend of Beauty: A perfect balance of understated organization and industrial style. The simple construction creates an attractive and modern look, which adds an elegant and luxury touch to any of your rooms.

Retro vintage and industrial style.

Impressive Pipe Rack: Your sophisticated tastes are sure to be a topic of conversation with this trending and stylish decoration. Impress visitors with your chic way to hang dry hand towels. 

Great ornament for wall decoration.

Fast and Easy to Install: Please make a horizontal line on the wall firstly, then find the screws' positions on the wall and drill screws holes on the wall. Finally fix the shelf with screws to the wall. You're gonna enjoy the installation process and be happy with the result.
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