Rustic Gauge Roll Paper Holder Shelf

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Rustic Gauge Roll Paper Holder Shelf

Rustic Gauge Roll Paper Holder Shelf is one of the most fashionable trends in today’s home design is the industrial style. DIY industrial Toilet Paper Holder that matches any commercial, farmhouse or steampunk styled décor with a simple accessory that will bring charm to any place.

We are offering a top-quality roller shelf.

Easy to Install: We have made sure that the pipe Toilet Paper Holder is easy to install and doesn’t require a high level of expertise. Can be also use as towel rack sealed with dark grey epoxy coated perfect for bathroom.

Unique and very attractive design.

Made to Last a Long Time: Made with high quality and durable pipe fittings. Powder coated finish means no mess of grease or oil to deal with before assembly. No need to paint and no strong smell.

Special and very pretty gauge design.

Ready and Easy to Install: Electroplated finish means no mess of grease or oil to clean before assembly. If you want the industrial iron look without the industrial cleanup, this is the accessory kit for you.

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