Buckwheat Cotton Neck Care Pillow

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Buckwheat Cotton Neck Care Pillow

Buckwheat Cotton Neck Care Pillow is a first class super soft cotton pillow made from organic buckwheat seeds. The pillow is perfect for your bedroom giving you the feel of sleeping on an expensive hotel room.

Perfect for your Bedroom for Amazing Sleep. 

Comfort Versatility: Buckwheat Hulls provide adjustable support that cradles and properly aligns your head & neck for maximum comfort that helps reduce fatigue and tension for a soothing calm sleep.

Environmental Friendly Pillow.

Durable and Multipurpose: Buckwheat Cotton Neck Care Pillow is made to last a very long time. Truly the last pillow you will ever have to buy that's perfect for a good night sleep, yoga and meditation


Super Breathable Pillow.

Super Friendly for your Neck and Head: Separate the inside of the pillow from the pillow cover, you can easily wash and clean, you can pour out some buckwheat hulls to adjust the height of the pillow, and put the head and neck in a comfortable position

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