Glow in the Dark Butterfly Wall Sticker

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Suiting for Party Wedding Decor, Party Decorations,Home Decorations, living room, children's playroom, dining room.

The 3D Butterfly Stickers can be applied on all smooth surfaces, such as Walls, Doors, Closets, Plastic, Metal, Tiles, Fridges, Laptops, Cars etc.The butterflies can be perfectly sticked on most smooth and solid walls.Please put the butterflies up on the clean wall and press them each for a minute.

With Dotted glue, very strong to prevent butterfly murals falling off from wall (please follow the instruction in the picture on the left),these 3d butterfly wall art stickers are removable,durable,pressure resistance ,easy to apply dry,clean and smooth surfaces.

Size:12CM (8pcs), 10CM (8pcs), 8CM (8pcs);Color:Gold;Total Weight:120g.

Package Include: 12 pcs  3D Butterfly Wall Stickers(Three different sizes).with double sided adhesive dots(Dotted glue).