Golden Embroidery Decorative Pillowcase

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Golden Embroidery Decorative Pillowcase

Golden Embroidery Decorative Pillowcase is made of high quality material that is very soft, comfortable to touch, and Eco-friendly. Enjoy elegance and natural joy by using this pillow for your home.

Looks Exceptionally Good Pillow Cover. 

Enjoy Changing your Pillow Cover: You can change the look so easily for the different seasons/ holidays without buying new pillows altogether. Choose from our popular array of designs that are high in demand and superior in quality.

Multiple Popular Colors and Designs.

Space Saving Beauty: This is also such a space saver with storing seasonal decor by just switching covers on your pillows versus storing more pillows. Great decorations for indoors or outdoors under a covered porch/ screen room area

Washing by Hand or Machine Gently.

Exquisite Workmanship and Durable: The pillow covers are very sturdy and well made with a nice zipper closure, the zipper is hidden and the same color as the fabric, easy insertion and removal of pillows.

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