LED Mirror Alarm Clock

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SIMPLE TO USE This clock comes with 5 buttons, including MODE, ALARM, SNZ (snooze)/LIGHT, Up, and Down button, to simplify settings and still provides practical features for waking you up on time.


ELEGANT MIRROR SURFACE ① The 4.3" mirror-finished LED screen provides both modern aesthetics and futuristic look, displaying time and temperature in easy-to-read digits. Perfectly fits into any room of your house. ② This mirror digital alarm clock can be set LED 2 level display brightness, you can see the time clearly in the night.

SMART NIGHT MODE The display automatically dims when night falls and brightens up as dawn breaks (adjustable duration, default: 18:00-6:00). Comfortable to eyes in darkness at your night stand.

HANDY SNOOZE BUTTON The large and sleek snooze button allows heavy sleepers to engage this feature without opening your eyes and enjoy extra sleep for up to 60 minutes (default snooze time: 5 minutes).

USB & BATTERY POWERED Keep the bedside alarm clock plugged in with a DC to USB cable to make the screen stay lit. Insert 3 AAA batteries (not included) to save all the settings of your clock when power goes out.