Soft Pizza Blanket

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Soft Pizza Blanket

Soft Pizza Blanket is a mouth-watering, realistic-looking lightweight, food throw blanket. This blanket is perfect for men, women, girls, and boys of all ages that want to snuggle up on the couch with a cozy piece of food and always have a craving!

Available in Multiple Sizes from 100 to 205 CM. 

Size and Quality of Materials: The blanket is made from premium Polar Fleece Fabric. The fabric is very lightweight so the blanket is not heavy as well. It will not keep you warm if your room is as cold as the fridge! It is a fun, playful conversation piece.

Machine Wash Cold is Recommended.

Well Printed using Effective Technology: Sublimation printing is a method of using dye to transfer into the fabric. It creates detailed, vibrant, and durable designs with a soft-hand finish. The print on our blankets will never fade, wash out, and become dull.


Multiple Number of Bulb Heads to Choose from.

Multi-Season and Purpose Use: This blanket was designed with the intention of all year use. It is light enough to use in the spring for picnics, outings, and at home lounging but can also be used in the winter for a secondary bed or couch cover.

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