Macrame Dream Catcher Decor

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Macrame Dream Catcher Decor

Macrame Dream Catcher Decor is a Hand-made, plain dyed, clean white and made from cotton polyester materials that are very attractive and will make your every room very beautiful and relaxing. With a Mediterranean Wind style inspired designs, you and your guest will surely love this tapestries.

Interior Environment Filled with Warmth and Love.

Fill your Home with Positive Energy: Originally known as the “sacred hoops” dream catchers were used to protect sleepers from bad dreams. This set of pretty macrame wall hanging were perfectly designed to radiate protective and positive energy into your home.

Handmade Macrame Dream Catcher Collection.

Eye Catching Bohemian Design:  We designed this simplistically beautiful and unique wall decors to help provide you with visual interest and a relaxed spirit for your home. Mix and matched with our various options to fit your feel and interests.

This is the Perfect Gift and Provides Stylish Atmosphere.

Great Hanging Decor for Any Home: Our handmade artistic macrame wall hanging set will add to your cozy home spaces and make for cultured talking points. Hang in a bedroom, living room, office, nursery etc.. - any space will welcome these elect glam dream catchers.

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