Golden Sunburst Wall Clock

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Golden Sunburst Wall Clock

Golden Sunburst Wall Clock is a European style golden metal wall clock that is inspired by the beauty of the sun rays. Made from top tier and durable materials that lasts. This clock works with no noise, great for decorating in a living room and bedroom where you nap or sleep.

Ideal sizes 50cm and 60cm.
For Home Décor: This beautiful mix of classic feel and modern design wall clock will make an absolutely wonderful addition to any room in your house. Hang it at your living room, dining room, bed room, nursery room etc.. It will surely add elegance and beauty.

Weighs approximately 2 Kilograms. 

For Office Decoration: An old and classic wall decoration for your office. This golden wall clock with pin rays of the sun design will surely add charm to your work place. Old but gold sunburst design emits a special feel of positivity great for your office décor.

Thick and durable plate 30mm.

Well-made and Designed: This is a premium decorative wall clock with vivid colors, elegant look, large size and 3D appearance. Highly accurate quartz sweep, this will surely make a wonderful gift for family and friends for various occasions.

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