Handmade Genuine Leather Moroccan Pouf Unstuffed

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Handmade Genuine Leather Moroccan Pouf Unstuffed

Handmade Genuine Leather Moroccan Pouf Unstuffed is a very pretty handcrafted leather pouf seats produced in Marrakesh, Morocco. Genuine leather pouf great for your living room, bedroom, and many other purposes.

Authentic leather round Moroccan pouf.


Handmade Furniture: Home furniture and accents become more than just functional decorations when each piece perfectly reflects the emotion and personality of your space through custom details that only come with a handmade piece.

Ideal size of 55*55*25cm, removable and washable.

Made by Expert and Passionate Hands: Handmade pieces add character through their details and slight variations in color, size, and texture. When you buy an expertly crafted piece of home décor you are adding warmth and longevity that will look beautiful today and for generations to come.

Retro and Nostalgic/Old Furniture style furniture.

    Basic Outline: Our products are expertly handcrafted by skilled Moroccan artisans, giving each piece unique individuality with a practiced touch that has been passed down from generation to generation. Fine details are incorporated into each piece.