50 pc Self-Adhesive Furniture Pads

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FURNITURE DOTS: 10 mm Adhesive furniture pads. made of high-quality SOFT EVA RUBBER. Apply on kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom drawers, chest of drawers.

SOUND DAMPENING BUFFERS: soft material of Eva Rubber bumpers gives the most effective sound dampening effect than other bumpers on the market like silicon. Kitchen Cupboard soft close pads, soft close stickers and quiet soft close drawer closer.

COMFORT AND FUNCTIONALITY: New on the market Eva cabinet buffers give the most comfort by dampening the sound of drawer and door close and function as cabinet door protectors and anti-slam bumpers.

EASY TO USE RUBBER FEET PADS: Use as bottom surface stickers to prevent small electronic items from moving. For the computer bottom. Protection pads. Сutting board feet

TACTILE MARKERS Self Adhesive Feet For Blind & Partial Sighted Pack of bumpons - great for tactile markers for things like washing machine controls, telephone keypads and switches.