Gold Walnut Wall Clock

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Gold Walnut Wall Clock

Gold Walnut Wall Clock is made from top tier metal and high quality walnut wood. This clock is simple, special, and unique design wall clock definitely adds a beautiful scenery to your beautiful home.

Weighs approximately 2 Kilograms.

Ideal Large Sizes: The diameter of this metal wall clock is available in 2 large sizes 60 and 80 centimeters, providing you with a beautiful piece of large hanging wall décor and a brilliant black decorative wall clock.

Beautiful and durable gold walnut clock.

High Quality Wall Decoration: Never go rusty, the bright gold color and abstract design will catch your eyes as soon as you walk in living room, bedroom, girls' room, bathroom, entryway.

Clean and unique designed hanging clock.

Perfect Holiday Gift: Crafted from layers of molded metal, light weight, easy to hang on various backdrop. A aesthetic gift for Housewarming, Wedding, Birthday.