Macrame Wall Hanging

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Large macrame wall hanging

Macrame tapestry is a very artistic and generously handmade boho craft made from quality materials and embroidered patterns. This beautiful bohemian wall decor is perfect for your living room, bedroom as well many other rooms in your home.

Great Addition to Any Home for Beauty and Artistry.

Distinctive CraftsmanshipThis wall hanging is a perfect way to work vintage pieces into a modern home decor, just adding this Tapestry brings an instant Tribal, Aztec and Bohemian vibe to any room that is very relaxing.

Super Attractive Big Macrame Hanging Decor.

Premium Quality Macrame: Top notch cotton cord used to provide a premium quality wall hanging unlike any other. Will spice up any part of your Home be it your bedroom, library, nursery, dorm or even you work space.

Three Great Reasons to buy; For Nature, For you and For Workers.

Environment Friendly Product: Environmentally friendly product made from genuine materials which are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. Buying this pretty tapestry supports the Environment, add attractiveness to your home and help handmade workers making this decor.

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