Black Iron Pipe Shelf Bracket

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Black Iron Pipe Shelf Bracket

Black Iron Pipe Shelf Bracket is a retro vintage feel multipurpose shelf made up of a pipe flanges with a diameter of  80mm/3.1"; Short arm: 65mm/2.5"; Long arm: 150mm/5.9"(Including flange and elbow). It can be used as a useful shelf for many purposes.

Well made pipe arms and wooden plank shelf.

Very Attractive Vintage Theme: This complete set adds a high quality, handmade aesthetic to any restroom. Give your bath a quick makeover and treat your visitors to your sense of style and attention to detail without the cost of a large remodel.

Flat and uniform size for perfect plank surface.

Easy and Fast to Install: Complement your existing decorations with this versatile do it yourself design that will make you proud of your space. Includes everything you need to assemble and mount this wall multipurpose shelf.

Strong hold and does not break easily.

Eye Catching Shelf: Pipe Décor combined with a little creativity can go a long way to update a lavatory without breaking the bank. Express your ingenuity and decorate with this beautiful pipe and wooden plank shelf.

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