Boxwood Wreath

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Green Leaves Wreath

An artificial boxwood wreath is designed with vivid and natural boxwood leaves. It is a handmade seasonal home decoration that combines a sturdy wreath base filled with green leaves. Add a fresh spring vibe to any room with our artificial wreath for the whole year.

Very beautiful artificial boxwood leaves.

Nearly Authentic: This attractive wreathes with nearly natural boxwood and green leaves makes it look real. This green wreath is surrounded by leaves, simple, elegant, comfortable color, vivid natural form, and gives people artistic romantic feelings.

Unique and popular green leaves wreath.

Multiple Applications: Green leaves and boxwood wreath can be used as both indoor and outdoor making it a versatile decorating accessory. Hang it above your fireplace, place it on your front door, or on a living room wall. This wreath will bring an enjoyable ambiance all year round.

Round wreath for front door and window hanging.

Attractive Decoration: This fake boxwood twigs and leaves comes with dark green and some pale green in the leave tips. The wreath will let you feel the vigor and charm of spring. This is a decent gift for Easter, Mothers Day and Festival.