Hand Woven Rattan Hanging Lamp

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Hand Woven Rattan Hanging Lamp

Hand Woven Rattan Hanging Lamp is a very elegant, well made, Japanese style, rustic feel, handmade rattan industrial hanging lamp. Grass vine material that is unique in shape. Fresh and natural, the light is projected from the inside of the vine, and it is beautiful and beautiful.

Light frame color: white and brown.

Artistic Hanging Lamp: Thickened lacquered ceiling plate, spin-grinded, high-temperature, environmentally friendly paint treatment, explaining durable rust and corrosion protection. Your guests will compliment this beautiful decoration.

Quality material: bamboo weave/vine weave.

Expert Handmade Décor: Different from the traditional workmanship process, it basically controls the rolling, mildewproof, anti-high pressure and moisture content to ensure the lamp is prevented from cracking. This lamp is made to last a long time of use.
Ideal size of 30cm*35cm*45cm*60cm.

Premium Quality Materials: Natural woven material Also known as "Fuji", a long-lasting vine with a long-lasting body, the rattan strip has a smooth color and a smooth touch. This is a popular gift idea for many occasions like birthday, Christmas, house warming, and many more.

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