Nordic Pendant Light - Molecular Chandelier

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Nordic Glass LED Pendant Lamp

Nordic Glass LED Pendant Lamp is made with premium glass using the perfect color combination showing exquisite and delicate texture, it’s an ideal decoration for your home.

Super Attractive Nursery and Kids Room Light Decor. 

Multiple Bulb Compatibility: Compatible with incandescent, LED and halogen bulbs. Please note the bulb is not included; this light can be dimmed if you use a dim bulb and compatible dimmer switch.

Beautiful Moon Design Available in Many Sizes.

Very Easy to Install: Made following quality standards and is very easy to install by following the guide step by step. If you have any question about the installation, please feel free to contact us.


Simple and Clean Decoration for Restaurants.

High Customer Satisfaction Rate: As an honest seller, we value the safety of our customer; all the socket and wire of the lamp are of top quality, you can use our product with confidence.

Please Contact Us if you need more information about this product and we will gladly get back to you as soon as possible.