Pipe Wooden Shelf

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Pipe Wooden Shelf

Pipe Wooden Shelf is an American style and made from high quality wood and metal ideal for a beautiful and durable bathroom shelf. A perfect blend of retro and modern design makes this shelf very attractive and useful for many purposes.

Multipurpose wooden and iron pipe shelf.

Quality Control Standards: We strictly control standards .There was a LOT of precise measuring to make sure that all of the screws lined up with the studs and all of the pipes were flush and level.

Splendid ,classical and antique wood and iron touch.

Quick and Easy to Assemble: Installing the shelf is easy using basic tools. The unit is very steady perfect for holding many types of objects to make sure they will not fall down and break.

Shelf brackets can hold 150 pounds if properly fastened.

Wide Range of Use: Suitable for bedroom, living room, laundry room, office, kitchen pantry ,garage, farmhouse, basement, and most popularly for your bathroom. It saves a lot of space and can be very attractive as well.

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