Industrial Toilet Paper Holder

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Industrial Roll Paper Holder

Retro Industrial Roll Paper Holder is a classic vintage style with a strong rustic atmosphere in the natural texture of bathroom décor to be able to show. Deliberately imitation of the old paint for its added a unique classical tone.

Very beautiful retro vintage design.

Many Possible Functions: It is not only a Toilet Paper Roll Holder but also is a hand towel holder. It looks nice with any towel and with almost any bathroom theme.

Strong and well-made pipe design.

Unique Industrial Design: Pipe theme toilet paper holder is made of iron, electroplated black finish, cleaned and clear coated to protect against rust. It's a nice sturdy design with full metal construction.

With a wide variety of applications

Multiple Applications: Ideal for using in bedrooms, bathrooms, Kitchen. They are open on one end making it easy to place the toilet paper on which is great for toddlers that use the bathroom. Plus the ends have a cap so paper won't slide off easily.

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