Rope Wall Lamps

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Rope Wall Lamps

Rope Wall Lamps is an industrial retro wall light freely adjusts the height of the hemp rope and the angle of the hand to achieve different internal views to meet your lighting requirements. Very unique wall lamp perfect for your barbecue house, fine dining and many other types of business.


Amazing business wall lamp decoration.

High Quality Materials: This wall light is made of wood and twine. The combination of the two reflects the beauty of natural materials. This wall lamp is very attractive and will last a long time of use.


Durable wall lamp for your home and business.

 Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for installation in your living room, office, dining room, living room, café, dining table, dining room, study, hotel room and hallway. It will add beauty, relaxing effect, and cozy feel lighting to any room.


Quality workmanship ensures the quality of the product.

Hand Made Design: This wall light fixture is combined high-quality raw materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and produced by complex processes. The natural hemp rope cord has strong insulation and durability. Metal shade is corrosion resistance, rust-proof, durable.

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