Surreal Melting Distorted Wall Clocks

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Surreal Melting Distorted Wall Clocks

Surreal Melting Distorted Wall Clocks is a Dali enthusiast delightful wall clock. A great way to celebrate Dali surrealism than with a melting clock inspired by his work “The Persistence of Memory”.


Beautiful abstract wall clock. @mihaela_gurau

Very Popular Design: This funky design is “cool” enough for all ages yet practical enough for daily use. The top hangs securely from any flat surface. Strong enough to be used as a book-stop.


Dali style wall clock/house decoration gift.

Expertly Crafted: The curved surface area creates an illusion of melting time. For some it will it will inspire deep thought, for others it will be source of good humor. The clock design is modern and classy.

For bedroom, living room, and reading home. @marylinerivard

A perfect Gift: A great conversation starter, this novelty gift is great for art enthusiasts and laymen alike, and those who enjoy a good laugh. This classic shelf clock adds personality to any room.