Pipe Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

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Pipe Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

Pipe Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf is a complete set bathroom tissue roller and wooden shelf that can be used to hold many important and pretty bathroom materials. It is a great addition to your bathroom and many other possible use.

Made from solid materials that last long.

Product Specifications: Complete set and made from premium quality materials. 4 points galvanized water pipe + flange + pine wood 2 cm thick. Vintage pipe base is available in four popular colors of black, red bronze, bronze, and silver.

Beautiful color options you can choose from.

Multifunction Roller Shelf: The paper toilet holder with plank can provide space and enough weight to place things on the wood top shelf, such as mobile phone, watch, book, pad, magazine, small potted plants etc. Adds beauty and convenience to your bathroom.

Perfectly balanced surface to hold valuables and décor.

Quick and Easy Installation: Hassle free installation. The metal toilet tissue paper roll holder only need some screws to install , which the package includes it. The sturdy toilet paper holder can be safely attached to the wall.

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