USB LED Fairy Lights

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USB LED Fairy String Lights

USB LED Fairy String Lights makes your simple decoration and celebration look more attractive, romantic and beautiful. Can be used for wedding, get together, romantic date, surprise party, and many more.

Super Attractive Nursery and Kids Room Light Decor. 

USB Powered and Waterproof Light: Powered by USB plug or power bank instead of batteries, with low voltage no overheat after many hours of usage, safe to touch after any hours of usage. Wires are waterproof so it is feasible to use it outdoors

Beautiful Moon Design Available in Many Sizes.

Safe to Use Fairy Lights: Follows all  safety protocols, stays cool even after long time of use, versatile decorations, and can last a long time of use. 


Simple and Clean Decoration for Restaurants.

Perfect Gift Idea: High quality and creative design that will surely get appreciated by your friend who just opened a restaurant, for your parents and their new home, your brother and his new garage or for your little ones as a study lamp.

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