Iron Pipe Wall Lamp

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Iron Pipe Wall Lamp

Iron Pipe Wall Lamp is a vintage retro water pipe wall lamp that is very attractive and sturdy great for your home and your business establishments. Made from top of the class metal materials.

Clean, heavy-duty and eye-catching wall lamp.

Unique Conversation Starter: We design each piece using authentic industrial materials that we collect and curate, creating unique pieces that are as functional as they are exceptional. Ideal for business establishment to encourage customers to come back again.

Perfect size and shape perfected by experts.

Proven Durability: This wall lighting with high-quality steel construction, rust-proof black finish that brightens your space and add pretty vintage retro feel to your home.

Perfect industrial look

Very Popularly Used: This retro water pipe design wall light is perfect for bedroom headboard, garage, porch, bathroom, kitchen, warehouse, coffee shop, bar, club and so on. It is very popular as well in many types of businesses like hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

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