Water Pipe Lamp

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Water Pipe Lamp

Water Pipe Lamp is a retro craft and fashion style. It is stylish enough to use among modern, traditional, urban, simplicity, rustic and industrial décor. Easy to assemble and enjoy the fun of manual physical pulley.

 Beautiful bronze pipe wall lamp design.

Handmade Wall Lamp: This product is handmade and the color is brushed manually making every details very attractive and expensive looking. Your place will look very beautiful and relaxing with this lamp.

Attractive lamp 20*25*18cm in size.

Multiple Application: Suitable for home, dining room, foyer, living room, bedroom, covered porch, covered patio, kitchen, entryway, hallway, stairway, entry and more. You can choose where it is installed according to your needs.


Can be decorated to your home, office and specially restaurant.

Fits the Place Perfectly: Without hurting the budget this lamp is uniquely built, it will add modern flair, industrial style and rustic décor. This purchase will give you the opportunity to create a farmhouse style industrial decoration in your home for only a fraction of the cost.

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